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Custom Built High Performance Systems

Everything from the simple business computer to the system of your dreams... VaughanTECH builds it best!

Why a Custom Built System?

Business Workstations

When it's time for a new computer and you're debating which way to go. Keep in mind these benefits of having a VaughanTECH Custom Built System...

  • Our Systems are built using industry standard parts. This means that if a component stops working you do not have to do anything more than buy another component. Other big Manufacturers will try to save money and use proprietary parts to build their systems, forcing you to go to them when something goes wrong (and paying top-dollar for it as well)

  • Custom Systems are for more than just gamers. People may say, "You don't need a custom built system." or "I'm not a gamer." That doesn't mean that a custom built system isn't the right choice for you. We can build everything from the budget box up to the enthusiast's dream system. 

  • We custom tailor your system to your exact needs. Get what you want in your computer and leave out all the bloatware that the other guys add to their computers. Your system will perform better and you'll have a much better user experience this way.

Gaming Rigs

High End Custom Builds

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