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Service Rates - Computer repair, networking and more...




  • REQUIRED UPFRONT for new clients requesting service.

  • Applies toward final cost of service or can be applied to a new system if needed.

  • Applies to IN-SHOP Services only.




  • Billed Hourly

  • Average Ticket charges => 2 hours.




  • 1 Hour Minimum charge

  • On-Site Service for new clients require 1st hour paid upfront.

Want better Service Rates? Check out our Service Agreements and ask to add you as a SA Client to have us take care of your equipment and network for you when it matters most!

Special Discounts are available In-Shop for:

  • Multiple Systems Requiring Service (3 or more Systems)

  • 1st Responders (Police, Fire, EMS)

  • Active or Retired Military

Need service? Click the button below to create a request for service.

VaughanTECH Service Department - When only the best will do.

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